EPOS H3PRO Hybrid White Gaming Headset, Cables + BTD, Detachable Boom Mic + Built-in Mic


The H3PRO Hybrid headset delivers secure low-latency wireless performance with multiple connection options and dual connectivity. Enhanced noise cancellation with ANC and superb acoustic seal eliminates ambient noise, allowing full immersion in the game experience. The detachable magnetic microphone adds versatility to this lightweight adjustable headset.

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Device compatibility

Xbox Series X | PS5 | Nintendo Switch | Mac OSX | PS4 | PC / Soft phone | Xbox One | Mobile phone

Key features

  • Closed Acoustic Headset Design
  • Audio Mixing
  • EPOS Audio Technology
  • EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology
  • Lightweight Adjustable Fit

Wireless Freedom.
No Compromises.

Take your wireless gaming to the max with secure lag-free audio. The H3PRO Hybrid headset offers passive high frequency noise cancellation and an ANC slider to maximize your focus and reactivity. Enable 7.1 Surround Sound and endless audio customization possibilities with the EPOS Gaming Suite for PC.

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H3PRO Hybrid is very comfortable, I can use it for practice, competing, and streaming for hours. It’s simply the best wireless headset.

CHORING – Toronto Defiant

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Low-Latency, High Comfort, Wireless Perfection

Designed for the gamer seeking premium audio to enhance their wireless gaming experience, the H3PRO Hybrid headset delivers a no-compromise audio experience with a secure
lag-free connection with the low-latency dongle.

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Impressive Battery Life. True Freedom

A single charge provides up to 30 hours of wireless gaming on the low-latency dongle, 19 hours with ANC. Up to 38 hours of audio on a Bluetooth® connection, 22 hours with ANC. Up to 29 hours with the 3.5 mm cable, 19 hours with ANC.

Dual Microphones and Detachable Boom Arm

Dual microphone technology with a microphone in the boom arm and a secondary in the ear cup improves the noise cancellation for voice pick-up and delivery of clear intelligible chat. The detachable boom arm adds versatility and its magnetic connection makes for effortless removal and reattachment.

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Engineered to Elevate Your Game

EPOS engineered audio delivers clarity, resolution and precision for instant in-game reaction. The deep bass response delivers the immediacy of in-game action while acoustic clarity delivers crisp intelligible chat for in-game strategy discussions.

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Do Not Disturb – Enhanced Noise Cancellation for Gamers

By studying how the brain processes audio, EPOS engineers design headsets for gamers to improve their performance and enhance their gaming enjoyment.

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Dual Microphones

Dual microphone design and technology for crystal clear game chat.

Detachable Boom Arm

Magnetic quick-connect detachable boom arm for versatility.

Lightweight Adjustable Fit

A stainless steel headband slider and hinged ear cups adjust the headset fit

Smart Button

Set the button for instant control to switch between audio settings.

What’s in the Box​

– GSA H3PRO Dongle​

– GSA 25 Cover Plate – Black​

– GSA 31 USB Cable​

– GSA 30 Console Cable​

– USB-A Extension Cable​

– Safety Guide​

– Quick Start Guide

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H3PRO Hybrid Colors

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How do I power on the headset?

The headset powers on and off automatically when the USB cable is plugged in or removed unless a simultaneous Bluetooth® connection is also active. To power off when Bluetooth® is active, press the power button. For all other connections (dongle, console cable or Bluetooth®), please press the power button to turn the headset on and off.

How is the volume controlled? ​

As it is possible to have more than one connection, the volume wheel will behave differently depending on the connection. ​
Possible connections: ​
Dongle connection to PC or console (volume will be controlled via the volume wheel, but will not be synced with Windows). ​
USB connection on PC (volume will be controlled via the volume wheel and will be synced with Windows). ​
Console cable on consoles (volume will be controlled via the volume wheel, but will not be synced). ​
Bluetooth® to mobile devices/tablets (volume will be controlled via the volume wheel and will be synced with mobile device). ​
Dongle on PC/PS + Bluetooth® to your mobile device/tablet (the volume wheel only controls the volume on the dongle connection, so if volume must be adjusted on the mobile device/tablet it has to be done on device). ​
USB connection on PC + Bluetooth® to your mobile device/tablet (the volume wheel only controls the volume on the USB connection, so if volume must be adjusted on the mobile device/tablet it has to be done on device). ​
Console cable on consoles + Bluetooth® (the volume wheel only controls the volume on the console connection, so if volume must be adjusted on the mobile device/tablet it has to be done on device).

What does simultaneous Bluetooth® versatility mean? ​

You can pair your headset with your smart phone for on-the-go use, or while you game at home to stay connected to the outside world. You can take a call or chat with your friends on a 3rd party app on your phone while gaming via the wired connections. With separate volume control over each stream, your conversation will be mixed in with the game audio. ​
​When you use the low-latency dongle to game, you can also pair up with your phone and have dual connections. iOS devices will not mix in calls with the dongle connection. Instead, the headset will route audio to your mobile device, and route it back again to game audio when call ends. ​
​For PC users, insert the dongle or USB cable into the USB port and go into pairing mode by pressing the smart button for 3 seconds to also pair up with your phone. For console users, insert the analog console cable and go into pairing mode in the same way.

What is the battery life of the headset, and how can I know the battery status? ​

The H3PRO Hybrid has 30 hours of battery life when connected via dongle and up to 38 hours of battery life when connected through Bluetooth®. If you activate ANC, the headset will need more power, and you will instead have 19-hour via dongle and 22 with Bluetooth®. ​
​Dual connectivity (dongle and Bluetooth®) offers up to 28 hours of battery life and up to 19 hours with ANC turned on. Up to 27 hours with the 3.5 mm jack cable and Bluetooth®, 19 hours with ANC turned on. ​
​The battery status is given everytime the headset turns on and/or when the USB cable is plugged in. In this way, you always know whether it is time to charge the headset. The headset automatically charges when it is plugged in via USB. The LED will also show the battery status when you are charging the headset. ​
​Please note that the battery of the H3PRO Hybrid is not replaceable.

What is the smart button for?

The smart button has multiple functions. First and foremost, it can be used to pair up your H3PRO Hybrid to your mobile device. ​

Pairing: ​
Hold the smart button for 3 seconds. The LED will pulse red and blue. ​
Start the search for Bluetooth® devices – see instruction manual of your device – and select “EPOS H3PRO Hybrid” (For more information on pairing, please see either the Quick Guide which can be found in the packaging box or downloaded from our website or the user manual available on our website). ​

​The smart button can also be used to take incoming calls by pressing once. If the H3PRO Hybrid is connected to your phone with Bluetooth® while you are playing on either PC or console, the headset will let you know when you receive a call. Depending on your specific phone model, you will either hear a standard ringing tone or you will hear a door-knock sound indicating an incoming call. By pressing the smart button twice, you can reject the call. ​

​If you have downloaded the EPOS Gaming Suite to your PC, you can customize the smart button there, and then use it while gaming e.g., by enabling/disabling surround sound with one press. ​

Does the headset come with its own software? ​

Yes, the H3PRO Hybrid headset works with the EPOS Gaming Suite while using the low-latency dongle or USB cable, which is available to download on our website. The EPOS Gaming Suite allows for customization of your sound with regards to 2.0 stereo/7.1 Surround Sound, equalizer settings, reverberation, voice enhancement, side tone, noise gate, and much more. ​
​Please note, that the EPOS Gaming Suite only is available on PC (Windows® 10). ​

What can be replaced on the H3PRO Hybrid?

For the H3PRO Hybrid, you can replace the following items. All of which can be bought on our website.
Dongle (GSA H3PRO dongle) ​
Extension cable (USB-A Extension Cable) ​
Boom arm (GSA 60 Boom arm – Black) ​
Ear pads (GSA 3 ANC Ear pads – Black) ​
Cover plate (GSA 25 Cover plate – Black) ​
USB cable (GSA 31 USB Cable) ​
Console cable (GSA 30 Console Cable)

How do the microphones work? ​

The H3PRO Hybrid has a boom arm with a high-quality microphone for communication. If you do not want to use the boom arm, it can easily be detached.

There is a second microphone on the ear cup that can be used when the boom arm is detached for e.g., on-the-go calls. As the second microphone is placed further away from your mouth, it will not pick up your voice as well as the main microphone and you will also experience that it will pick up more noise from your surroundings. As we use the dual microphones to improve noise cancellation for voice pick up, we always recommend that. ​

​If you wish to be muted, you can always lift the microphone to mute. However, if the boom arm is detached, you must mute yourself on your preferred gaming platform as the second microphone will always be unmuted when the boom arm is detached.

How do I use the dongle and extension cable? ​

Upon arrival the dongle is already paired with the headset. In case you need to reset your paired device list please do the following. ​

​Plug in the dongle to your device and switch the headset on by using the power button. ​
Press and hold the smart button until the LED flashes blue and red alternately. ​
Once the dongle and the headset are connected, both LEDs flash blue 3 times. The headset LED switches off, the dongle LED lights up and stays on. ​

​If you wish to establish a multipoint connection, you can start pairing again and connect to your smart phone (please see the section ”what is the smart button for?”). Please be aware that you only establis a multipoint between a dongle connection and a Bluetooth® device, not two Bluetooth® devices. ​

​If you experience any form of range, lag, or noise issue, please try to use the extension cable that comes with the headset.

What is ANC? ​

ANC stands for Active Noise Cancellation. On the headset you will find a slider, located on the right side where you can activate ANC. It is not adjustable through our EPOS Gaming Suite and there is no graduation but can only be in an on/off state. ​

​The H3PRO Hybrid offers a high degree of passive noise cancellation as the headset physically blocks sounds. The ANC complements the passive noise cancellation as the active system is best at canceling low frequencies whereas the passive works best with canceling high frequencies. Together, these components provide active noise cancellation of up to 16 dB (at low frequencies) in addition to the 30 dB passive noise cancellation (at high frequencies)​




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