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Braintree Now Offers the Latest Skullcandy Range

We are thrilled to announce that Braintree has expanded its product lineup with the latest range of Skullcandy audio products. Renowned for their superior sound quality and stylish designs, Skullcandy headphones, earbuds, and gaming headsets are now available on our platform.

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Discover the Excellence of Apple MacBook Devices at Braintree

When it comes to high-performance laptops, Apple MacBook devices consistently set the bar high. At Braintree, an approved Apple Device reseller, we are proud to offer the latest MacBook models that cater to a wide range of users


Introducing the Surface Studio 2

Explore the power and elegance of the Surface Laptop Studio 2 in our latest blog. Braintree, an authorized Surface reseller in South Africa, introduces this versatile device perfect for business and creative use. Learn more about its features and how it can elevate your digital world.


Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2

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Explore the Surface Laptop Studio 2 at Braintree – South Africa’s go-to for Surface devices. Our review covers its unmatched design, performance, and how it stacks up against Apple and Dell. Ideal for professionals and creatives!


Snug 10″ Touch Screen Wi-Fi Photo Frame.

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Transform how you display and share your precious moments with the Snug 10″ WiFi Photo Frame! Touch screen convenience, real-time sharing, and sleek design all in one. Ready to


Belkin SoundForm Play True Wireless Earbuds

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Ever heard the sound of quality? The Belkin SoundForm Play Earbuds are here to redefine your listening experience! From the clarity of a crying baby to the deep bass of your favorite track, hear it all in style.

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