EPOS GSP 670 Multi-Platform Black Wireless Professional Gaming Headset


Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with the GSP 670 wireless gaming headphones, boasting lossless Bluetooth connectivity and cutting-edge low-latency technology. Customize your audio experience with 7.1 Surround Sound in the EPOS gaming suite for Windows 10, enhancing bass performance, communication clarity, and positional audio cues. Stay focused with the broadcast-quality, noise-canceling microphone featuring a convenient flip-to-mute feature, while experiencing the freedom to move up to 328 feet (10 meters) away with its impressive Bluetooth range.

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Crafted for uncompromising gamers, the GSP 670 closed acoustic headset delivers top-tier in-game audio. With advanced wireless tech for low-latency transmission, you’ll react swiftly in-game. Seamlessly switch between gaming and calls with Bluetooth® connectivity. The EPOS Gaming Suite offers customizable 7.1 surround sound with noise cancellation, while independent controls for chat and game audio ensure ultimate control. Intelligent battery management preserves its 16-hour low-latency / 20-hour Bluetooth battery life when not in use.

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