Surface Slim Pen 2 without Charger – Black


Our best performing pen yet, the Surface Slim Pen 2, offers real-time writing, pinpoint accuracy, and incredible shading. Thanks to a sharper pen tip and improved design, it delivers a seamless writing and drawing experience. Take notes naturally, and with the added convenience of the included charger, the haptic motor in the Surface Slim Pen 2 brings the feeling of writing and drawing on paper to your PC’s screen.

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Write, sketch, navigate, and recharge. Take handwritten notes and draw with the same feeling you get with pen on paper, with exceptional accuracy and a new storable design.

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Fast, fluid, and perfect with your Surface

Our best performing pen yet, with real-time writing, pinpoint accuracy, and incredible shading thanks to a sharper pen tip and improved design. Take notes naturally—the haptic motor in Surface Slim Pen 2 brings the feeling of writing and drawing on paper to your PC’s screen.

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 Black 8WX-00010.

Write, sketch, navigate and charge. Take handwritten notes and draw with the same feel you get with pen and paper, with exceptional precision and a new design for safe storage.

Please note: The Slim Pen 2 can be charged either via a separate charging slot (8X3-00002) or the Type Cover of the Pro 8 or Surface Pro X.

Compatible with

Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Book 2, Microsoft Surface Book 3, Microsoft Surface Duo, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Microsoft Surface Go, Microsoft Surface Go 2, Microsoft Surface Go 3, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Microsoft Surface Pro X, Microsoft Surface Studio, Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Rechargeable: Yes


Light Grey, Ice Blue, Poppy Red

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