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Discover the Ultimate Microsoft 365 Solution for Your Growing Business

Imagine providing easy to use file storage and sharing capabilities, with access to popular productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Email, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to drive productivity from anywhere.

Imagine connecting employees with in-person collaboration to work on any device, across multiple projects in real time.

Imagine a hybrid work environment with built-in and up-to-date enterprise-level security protecting your employees and customers from cybersecurity threats that can shut down your entire business.

Already using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and need to optimize and consolidate to a cloud-based service to save costs.

Then talk to Braintree today to find the right plan for your growing business.

Starting from R99 user/month Excl. Vat (T&C’s apply*)

  • Save you over 50% through license consolidation.
  • Reduce data breach risk by 45% and security management costs by 50%
  • Enable 51% more collaboration and save you money.

Book your Microsoft 365 demo today and you could qualify for a FREE Microsoft Security Assessment to the value of $2000. (T&C’s apply*)  

  • Microsoft Business Basic is a subscription service that includes web and mobile versions of Microsoft Office apps. It’s just one of the many Microsoft business suite products we can offer to help your business thrive.
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