Fall in Tech Love and Win R5000 with Braintree’s Surface Competition!

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Love is in the air, and it smells like fresh tech! This February, Braintree is playing cupid, but instead of arrows, we’re shooting chances to win R5000 right at you! Whether you fancy a chic Surface Arc Mouse or dream of a Surface Pro 9 that’s more versatile than your last date, every Surface Device purchase is your love letter to luck.

While every Surface purchase is a golden ticket, let’s give a flirty nod to the Surface Pro 8. It’s not just on promotion; it’s like that perfect date who’s smart, stylish, and doesn’t drain your wallet (especially when it could fill it with R5000!).

Working File February Surface Campaign 24i5 16GB 256GB SSD | Shop from Braintree
Working File February Surface Campaign 24i7 16GB 256GB SSD 1 | Shop from Braintree

Why do you need a Surface Device? That’s like asking why you need chocolate on Valentine’s Day – it just makes everything better! These gadgets aren’t just pretty faces; they work harder than a beaver before a dam inspection and are more reliable than a love story in a rom-com.

How to Enter

  1. Visit the virtual Braintree love den (a.k.a., our online store).
  2. Pick the Surface Device that makes your heart skip a beat.
  3. Seal the deal with a purchase and get ready to possibly add R5000 to your ‘love fund’

What You Could Win

Winning R5000? It’s like getting a love note, but way, way better. Whether you splurge on more tech treats or a fancy dinner (Surface Devices need love too, right?), it’s a win-win!

Winner Selection and Announcement

Come end of February, we’ll pick our tech-loving Romeo or Juliet at random. Keep an eye on your inbox; you might just get the digital equivalent of a bouquet (a.k.a., a winning notification email)!

FAQs and Terms & Conditions: Got questions or need the nitty-gritty details? Lance at lancew@braintree.co.za is ready to spill the beans. And don’t forget to check out our Terms & Conditions for all the legal love letters.

In the month of love, let tech be your valentine. Choose a Surface Device from Braintree and who knows, you might just win enough to take your new tech out on a fancy date (or, you know, just enjoy the R5000). Love might be complicated, but winning with us isn’t!

Ready to find your tech soulmate? Visit Braintree’s Store, choose your Surface Device, and let the romance with R5000 begin. Remember, in the world of tech love, every choice is the right one!